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Walking the Line is the most authentic sounding and visual performance of the music of Johnny Cash, playing the most loved hits and rare gems of Johnny Cash while recreating the look, feel and flow of Johnny Cash concerts. Walking the Line takes you on a musical journey that has become the Johnny Cash Legacy by performing material from every decade of Cash's legendary career. Walking the line is not just a band, it is a performance on par with a broadway production. Essentially it is a show! Vintage costumes, period accurate instruments and microphones. It is the complete package and recreation of the golden years of the Johnny Cash show.

The band has won numerous tribute contests and awards and in 2011 was picked as  the best tribute show in the country. Walking the Line continues to perform around The United States and does theaters, out door festivals, restaurants and private events. 

Playing the part of Johnny Cash is Thomas Michael Cavanagh. Cavanagh's  voice, look and actions don't just replicate Johnny Cash, it is Johnny Cash.

Donna Domingo performs the part of June Carter Cash with accuracy both vocally and charismasmatically. She truly captures the vocal uniqueness of June Carter Cash and the onstage personality and quirkiness.

Kenney Kearney does the part of Marshall Grant and just like Marshall Grant was an original member of Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two, Kenny is a founding member of Walking the Line. Kenny is  Cavanagh's co-pilot in navigating the sound and direction of Walking the Line and performs the bass guitar and vocal parts as well as the stage antics as true to the original as would be expected. 

Chris James is the bands Luther Perkins and Bob Wooten in one. Chris captures a combination of both of the legendary and innovative guitar players who were in Cash's band. Chris nails the guitar parts, tones, vocals and stage character to a tee. 

James Jay Sharkey is the guy that holds the whole band together behind the drums. Sharkey captures the authentic drum style of W.S. Holland and adds essential vocal harmonies to the classic songs. 

Walking the Line performs in many varieties exactly like Johnny Cash did durning his career. Depending on the size, budget and location of the gig Walking the Line adjusts to the situation whether it is just a solo performance by Cavanagh or a duo with Cavanagh and Domingo performing duets like Johnny and June did for many years. Many times the band performs as a three piece just like the original Johnny Cash and the Tennessee Two. Most often the band is performing as a five piece but the members of Walking the Line enjoy it most when they perform as the complete ensemble replicating the Johnny Cash live shows of the mid sixties and early seventies. The seven piece band comes complete with Jess Katz as Helen Carter and Mary Roesler as Anita Carter. The two of them along with Donna provides Walking the Line the authentic sound and look of the Carter Sisters who were so important to the Johnny Cash Band vocal sound.

If you love the music of Johnny Cash but never got to see him live, this is as close as a fan can get. And if you were lucky enough to see Cash live, you'll appreciate Walking the Line all the more when you see and hear this most accurate recreation.
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